5 Skincare Essentials for Fall

As the temperature begins to change it is no surprise that we will have changes to make in preparation for a new season.  One such change is skincare.  The skin on our face will need some additional support to stay healthy and adapt to colder temperatures, more time indoors and dry air caused by heat sources.  I have five great additions that can help with this transition.  

Serums can be a powerhouse of nutrients for your skin!  When transitioning to fall and winter, a morning serum that contains hyaluronic acid is helpful.  Hyaluronic acid attracts moisture and helps lock it in, which can “plump” skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.  Generally, hyaluronic acid is tolerated well by most skin types and is naturally occurring in plants!  Try to find a product that uses plants as their source of hyaluronic acid.  Serums containing vitamin C are also amazing and also act as an antioxidant to fight off free radicals; and work especially well when applied in the morning.

For night time, you can’t beat a gentle overnight peel that gives you results while you sleep!  Peels work to exfoliate the skin by increasing cell turnover rate which can benefit the skin when temperatures drop.  Exfoliating helps expose healthy skin cells which can increase moisture uptake and reduce a “dull” appearance.  Also, it is a great way to address any residual summer sun concerns such as dark spots, freckles, and fine lines.  I prefer a blend of AHA (alpha-hydroxy acids) and BHA (beta-hydroxy acids) such as glycolic, lactic and malic.  Occasionally, those with sensitive skin could have some concerns with AHA/BHA peels.  It is always good practice to patch-test a small area on the inside of your forearm before applying it to the face and check for sensitivity/reactions.  Apply a peel one to two times a week and you will be impressed with the result! 

Summer may be coming to an end, however, do continue to use a form of sun protection, as the sun’s UV rays still come through even as the temperatures drop. Sun protection can help keep your skin youthful and prevent signs of aging, especially with dark spots, wrinkles and loss of firmness. Look for a sunscreen containing natural mineral ingredients such as Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide, and apply as your last skincare step in the morning.

Another favorite suggestion is adding a face oil.  One small drop of face oil can provide great hydration and protection from the elements of changing seasons.  Natural plant oils help soothe skin, reduce redness, add brightness and protect.  For my dry skin type, I prefer a face oil with omega-rich argan oil.  Vitamin C is a popular addition to achieve brightening and meadowfoam seed oil is great for balance.  It is best to add a face oil to your nighttime routine as the final step of your skincare.  

The colder months are a great time to add in facial Gua Sha and a face oil can be a great benefit for this technique.  Gua sha is an ancient beauty technique that uses a smooth edged-tool to gently scrape the skin, improving circulation and assisting in lymph drainage.  Our clinic also provides Gua Sha services; and we can teach you how to properly use this very effective technique at home for continued results.

A basic skincare routine is beneficial during all seasons and by adding just a couple of steps you can use the cooler months as a time to heal, restore and bring rest to your beautiful hard-working skin!  

Check out the Skincare selection in our store, where we are always adding new items and only have the best, Raja-tested and approved products!

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