Cupping is used to release muscle tension and adhesions in the fascia as well as encourage blood flow to the area. It can speed recovery after heavy training or soft tissue injury. It also has been shown to help balance the nervous system, activate the immune system, and stimulate collagen production. 

The process of cupping involves creating a vacuum within a cup on the body. This causes the soft tissue on the surface to be pulled into the cup.  It is like a reverse massage; instead of pushing through the tissue, cupping is pulling through the tissue.

There are generally three types of cupping we use in the clinic:

  • Flash Cupping: placing and removing the cups in a rapid manner.
  • Stationary Cupping:  Applying the cups over trigger points and/or acupuncture points and leaving them in the same place.
  • Moving or Sliding Cupping:  Applying the cups on the body with light suction and moving them around the affected area. It can even be used on the face to improve the skin with special silicone cups that you get to keep for home use.


Cupping is a long-practiced healing and rejuvenating therapy


Increases blood flow to specific areas that need healing


Drains toxins from cells


Energy and blood flow promotion provide relaxation and rejuvenation


Healing therapy for both acute and chronic conditions
Mind / Body / Healing
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