Rowdy Cowgirl Equine Gestalt Coaching

Horses are incredible partners in self development. They are highly perceptive to our emotional states—and can read us in a way other humans usually cannot.

Rowdy Cowgirl utilizes the Equine Gestalt Method (ECG). EGC Method ® is a co-active style of coaching where the human and equine coach work together to help their human clients develop a more complete understanding of themselves and achieve their goals. Rather than providing solutions, the EGC Method ® is focused on helping clients access their internal innate wisdom. The EGC Method ® is unique in that the equine coaches are free to express their thoughts, ideas and feelings; offer their skills as energy healers and actively support human clients on their journey of self discovery.

On the surface it seems very simple, but for those who have participated in our programs, the experiences they have can be life-changing. Our Participants develop and refine life-long skills such as patience, inner voice, confidence, understanding, inner peace, communication skills, personal reflection and purpose. We welcome those at any stage in life or skill level—previous horsemanship experience not required!

We offer both individual and group-based sessions. In addition, we offer retreats in partnership with the Pine Knoll Center for Integrated Horsemanship.
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What We Do

Each session is unique. I work with my clients and my horses in a dynamic and flexible way to allow room for “what comes up now?” Before we ever step into the area, I meet with the client to discuss their goals for our work, their background with horses (none is required), and any concerns they may have about working with horses and general “barn rules”. These initial sessions happen in advance of our equine session, either in person or virtually. This allows me to assess which horses in our herd may be best suited for the work.

The day of our session, we review the goals, go over a short safety review and begin by introducing the client to a couple of the horses to see which one steps up to be in the arena that day. This is a key point—horses are sentient beings! I let the horse choose the client for a variety of reasons; perhaps another horse really wants to work with that person, or they are feeling tired. Whatever the reason, it is standard practice to let the horses choose the client; the client doesn’t get to choose the horse.

Primarily, these sessions are “on the ground”, even for those with horse experience. It’s not about riding, it’s about working with the horse for a deeper understanding of yourself. It may be as simple as grooming the horse while practicing mindfulness. Perhaps trying different tasks with the horse on the line, such as walking together through obstacles, or even working with the horse at liberty (which is without ropes or reins). Most of the time, the horses will show us where we need to go next! At the end, we review what the client is taking away from the session, and of course—spend a little time thanking our equine partner with extra pets or grooming.

Horses have the amazing ability to help people discover themselves—whether the roadblock be physical, emotional, or even help them see be a better, truer version of themselves in everyday life. Our program has helped many; and anyone can do it!

Jenny-Marie Greenough, LAc

Owner, Raja Riding
Jenny-Marie is a an experienced Wellness Expert, Licensed Acupuncturist, and lifelong Horsewoman.
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Overcoming Barriers—Naturally

Rowdy Cowgirl works not only with humans out of the saddle, but can uniquely assess humans and their equine partners together to help them identify obstacles to their goals as well as help with post injury recovery. Those obstacles can be emotional—fear or stress impeding their ability to connect or physical—imbalance in the body affecting the ability to move in balance together.

These sessions often start on the ground but include in-depth assessments of the communication between horse and rider, balance of both when moving together, identification of physical imbalances and exercises or soft tissue work to help resolve those.

I have helped people overcome their fears to be better partners with their horses, to better understand how their emotional state affects their horse and how they can change it.

In addition to our excellent products for human health, we also carry a curated selection of my favorite horse products like nutritional support from Dynamite and Standard Process to physical recovery tools like Back on Track.
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Why Choose Rowdy Cowgirl?

I have a diverse background as not only an experienced acupuncturist but also as a yoga teacher, martial artist, and lifelong horsewoman. My diverse background offers a unique approach in helping people work with horses to integrate mind, body and spirit!
Equine Therapy was the key that unlocked the door to the recovery of my daughter’s severe anxiety. The relief she experienced was visible during the very first session through the smile on her face we had not seen for months. After exhausting multiple avenues of conventional medicine and pharmaceuticals with no progress, our 13 year old is finally showing tremendous improvement thanks to Equine Therapy. The various practices give her relief that last for multiple days after the sessions. After not being able to participate in any activities at all since the onset of this episode she is determined to get to her therapy sessions on a regular basis. I highly encourage anyone dealing with stubborn medical conditions seek relief with Equine Therapy.

Transforming the World Through Equine Therapy

We offer both custom-tailored sessions as well as our hosted retreat events. Whether you need one-on-one learning or are interested in a group or team experience, Raja Riding is here to help you grow!

The Equine Assisted Learning in conjunction with Pine Knoll Farm is phenomenal for group development. Gillian Vallis, one of our coaches, has facilitated groups from the UK School of Nursing, local universities, and many others. In addition, she has extensive knowledge in various forms of equine assisted learning and healing.
Jenny has been able to work with me through my various anxiety levels when riding. She's always stayed positive and encouraging during lessons, even when things were difficult for me. The lessons are challenging, yet not overwhelming. I have learned a lot about horse behavior and continue to do so.     

World-Class Facility

Pine Knoll Farm is a world class training center and school of integrated horsemanship like no other in America that is located in Lexington, KY which is the undisputed Horse Capital of the World. It is a premiere facility for advancing knowledge in horse and human interactions, wellness & personal transformation. Pine Knoll is located just 10 miles from The Kentucky Horse Park, an international competition venue which hosted The World Equestrian Games, and four miles from the Historic Town of Midway.
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Our Partners

We partner with Pine Knoll Center for Integrated Horsemanship, the 4 Harmony Foundation and the Peace Pony Non-Profit and their Equine Assisted Learning Programs

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