Clearing the Path: Proper Treatment for Parasites


This is something I’ve heard more frequently in-clinic these days—thanks to TikTok and Instagram gurus peddling everything from DIY remedies to thousands of dollars in “high-end” treatments. Most begin with:

“OK, so you are feeling tired, unfocused, having headaches, joint pain, depression, anxiety, cravings, skin rashes, (or any other common symptoms)?”

And then there’s a dramatic story, usually about passing lots of WORMS, and being told to just drink this tonic, take this pill, or book a “clearing session” for $5,000 and get rid of those parasites….Yes, I know—I sound pretty jaded right here! 

Over the last 10 years, the same techniques have spotlighted candida infections, SIBO, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and other disorders that have a range of symptoms and are difficult to meaningfully diagnose. Worse, these are symptoms can be applied to almost anyone and billions of dollars in products have been sold and relatively few of those purchasers helped.  When it comes to parasites, many of the popularly recommended herbs can be toxic unless used with very careful guidance. Just because you can buy it over the counter doesn’t mean it is without risk. Tylenol is safe if taken as directed but not as safe for people drinking alcohol and deadly if too much is taken. The same can be true of many anti-parasitic herbs! At higher doses, if taken too long or if combined with prescription or over-the-counter medications, they can cause more harm than good.

On the other hand, yes, parasites absolutely can be an issue. And yes, biomedical doctors in the US largely ignore this possible cause of disease in anyone over the age of 8 (pinworms are widely treated and addressed in small children). But for adults complaining of passing tapeworms or having any other clear signs of parasites, it’s virtually impossible to find a doctor who will do a stool test even to see what parasites might be there. The eggs of many parasites are visible with a simple microscope and easily identified—and yet finding someone to do this is nearly impossible. I understand the patient's frustrations and certainly have worked with herbs to help people with parasites. If you have traveled abroad, eaten sushi or undercooked meats or eggs, walked barefoot in the dirt, eaten unwashed produce, or routinely handled animals, you have potential risk factors for parasites. 

To be effective in clearing parasites it helps to know what you are dealing with so you can address the lifecycle and target not only the current adults, but any emerging adults that may be coming from eggs (depending on the parasite, some reproduce in humans and others don’t). It also helps to know the starting parasite load—but for all the reasons listed above this usually isn’t an option unless you’ve seen visual evidence of parasites in your stool. So what to do?

If you suspect parasites—I recommend consulting with an experienced herbalist or provider.  There’s a wealth of information out there but much of what is out there is incomplete. Don’t go it alone. For those determined to forge their way without guidance I can recommend some safe products but if the results aren’t what you want, seek help. It’s also possible that your root cause is not parasites and a professional can help assess your whole health state.  

Additionally, if you take medications or other supplements a skilled provider can help prevent accidental toxicity from combining herbs and medications or supplements. Don’t overdo it! If you have done your own cleanse 2-3 times and still have problems—you need help! 

Receiving proper treatment for parasitic infections is crucial for safeguarding your health and well-being. Effective parasite treatment not only eliminates harmful organisms from your body but also prevents potential complications with long-term health issues, as well as ruling out other potential illnesses, and preventing incorrect treatment. By seeking appropriate medical care and following recommended treatment protocols, you can restore your body's balance and ensure optimal health!

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