2022: Year of the Water Tiger

January 20, 2022

by RajaWellness

The Year of the Tiger is quickly approaching, and this will be a time of action and change. February 1st marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year.  

Those born in 1950, 1962, 1974 1986, 1998, 2010, and 2022 were born in the year of the tiger. 

Forthright, determined, passionate, and bold, the tiger is a natural born leader.  Tigers help lead the way for others. Rebellious in nature, tigers are attracted to adventure and action.  Tigers are also empathetic, chivalrous, and noble. 

The year ahead will also be a water element year.  In Chinese astrology, the water element represents maturity, deep emotions, spirituality, vital essence, and creativity. The most powerful of all elements, water is able to go around any obstacle without losing its essential nature. 

There will be strong aspects of both power and sensitivity this year.  Risk-taking will provide rewards, while sensitivity and deep emotions may cause quite a bit of chaos. Despite adversity, this period is also expected to draw strength and growth from new found enthusiasm and vigor. 

With tiger and water element aspects of the year ahead, we can expect it to be a year of extremes. This will be a year of big changes! There will be big decisions to be made, and emotions will run high. Tigers are quick to pounce, changes can be anticipated to happen quickly and unexpectedly.  The go-getter tiger vibes of the year can also be helpful in turning “pipe dreams” into reality. We will find ourselves weighing our priorities more this year, and postponing less important matters—which will help us focus more narrowly on those “pipe dreams” as well. 

The year of the water tiger will call on us not to succumb to the emotions of a moment, as well as to avoid focusing on things of minimum importance.  Willpower and a sense of calm will be necessary to get us through an ideal 2022. As a result, we can expect our dreams to unfold as we also make way for unexpected adventures. 

Lastly, lucky colors of this year are blue, green, red, and yellow. The color blue will bring luck in negotiations and communication, while green will bring luck in any new endeavor. Red will attract luck in love, and yellow will bring financial luck.  Incorporate these colors into your wardrobe and home to optimize good fortune throughout 2022.  

As we make our way through the year, remember to remain vigilant and steadfast. Just as tigers trust their instincts, so should oneself! The coming year promises to be an exciting one, and situations can change quickly, emotions can run high, but with those comes great opportunities and great benefits. This is the year of strength, rebellion, and bravery!

We here at Raja Wellness wish you and your family a healthful, prosperous, and joyful New Year!

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