The Healing Properties and Spiritual Benefits of Palo Santo

March 17, 2023

by RajaWellness

Palo Santo translates to “holy wood” and is closely related to frankincense and myrrh, which also produce healthy, antioxidant-rich oils. Palo Santo is often used for the beneficial properties of its essential oils, and can be burned directly similar to incense. When burned, the aromatic wood offers notes of pine, cedar, and citrus that are grounding and rejuvenating. 

Palo Santo offers healing benefits whether used as an essential oil, or burned as incense.  Some of these surprising benefits include: 

  1. Calming and relaxing 

The scent of Palo Santo helps to promote a shift in energy. The pleasant, grounding aroma triggers the brain’s olfactory system, stimulating a relaxation response and reducing feelings of stress and anxiety. The scent of Palo Santo releases neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin while releasing endorphins that also reduce pain. 

  1. Relieves inflammation and oxidative stress, increases immunity

With a rich supply of terpenes and antioxidants, Palo Santo has become known for protecting against oxidative stress. It also helps to increase circulation, easing pain and stimulating immune function.

  1. Works well as a bug repellant

With a complex chemical composition, including Limonene-a substance found in citrus peels, Palo Santo naturally wards off insects. 

  1. Purifies the air

High in resin content, when Palo Santo is burned, it helps to purify the air by removing negative ions. This is why it is commonly burned to remove negative energy and purify spaces and objects.

Palo Santo is native to South America and has been used for centuries by indigenous communities in spiritual and healing practices.

Although you can purchase Palo Santo essential oil products or buy shavings that have been shaped into a cone for an easier burn, I really prefer to light a small piece of Palo Santo when setting an intention or attempting to lift the vibe of a room. Palo Santo is easy to light. Using a lit candle or lighter, hold the stick to the flame until the tip is fully lit and creates its own flame.  Allow it to burn for approximately one minute. Allow the wood to naturally extinguish itself, and wave the stick gently, while the aromatic smoke fills your space with an incredible scent and positive energy. When you’re done with your stick, rest it on a fireproof surface (a metal bowl with a little sand in the bottom is perfect!). 

Not only will the uplifting scent of Palo Santo help to improve your mood and invoke feelings of calm, the benefits of this remarkable wood for both your body and the space around it are plentiful. With single pieces of Palo Santo wood available at Raja Goods, we invite you to give the art of smudging a try so you can enjoy these surprising benefits. We also offer beautiful stones and crystals to compliment and enhance your incense experience!

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