Take the Stress-Free Holiday Challenge!

December 6, 2021

by RajaWellness

Stress is a part of daily life for most of us but the holidays tend to add a list of to dos that make stress more intense.  Stress will always be present—but finding ways to manage it will make this time of year more pleasant.  I challenge you to try a few of these tips to create a stress-free holiday!

First, try making sleep a priority.  If you have difficulty relaxing at night, consider a tea, such as chamomile, to sip and alongside a warm bath.  Keeping lights low a few hours before bedtime and either refraining from using devices, or wearing blue light-blocking glasses can be helpful for preparing the body for a restful night.  Once in bed, sometimes the mind tends to keep us awake with holiday lists.  Try to focus on breathing with one hand on the heart, and the other on the stomach.  Sleep will allow the body to rest and repair from all the holiday excitement.

Second, meditation can be extremely beneficial to lower stress levels.  Taking a few minutes to sit quietly, monitor breathing and tune into the body can make a huge difference in your resilience to stress.  Many apps are available that make it easy to drop into an elevated mindset easily.  My favorite is Headspace.  I find that my day has drastically less stress when I begin with meditation.  Also, meditating before attending social events, shopping trips or any other activities that create stress can do wonders for your nervous system.  

Lastly, be aware of what is causing the stress and allow yourself to remove or consider removing any unwanted traditions/events you find overwhelming.  Many times this is a difficult task.  Acupuncture can help with stress and emotions that arise when you are faced with difficult challenges.  There are numerous herbal remedies that are helpful as well. For stress that manifests as more wired than tired, a combination of rhodiola and schisandra work well. A combination of rhodiola and ginseng work well for stress that is more tired than wired. Both combinations are available through us from one of our favorite providers, Mediherb.

During this exciting close to the year, it can be very easy to allow stress to take over; but with a few simple modifications and awareness of your needs, this can be a joyful and exciting time.  

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