I love my time here! Wonderful staff who take time to talk and listen to you. I highly recommend acupuncture for pain management and over all wellness.
I’ve been treated in the past for shoulder pain and numbness which was alleviated painlessly in just two visits.
After a headache which lasted 3 days, I finally called today and Jenny fit me in to her schedule.
She’s an amazing care provider, a rarity in this busy “healthcare” industry.
My headache was gone in less than 30 minutes and I have no heartburn for the first time in weeks.
Thanks, Jenny!
I can’t begin to say enough about Raja Wellness. I have dealt with migraines and digestive issues for years. I have taken so much medication to each. since beginning treatment at Raja Wellness, I rarely have either anymore. when a migraine or digestive issues do creep in, they are within a treatment or two. I would highly recommend Raja Wellness. There just isn’t anything to lose by trying it except your pain.
In Sept 2013, I developed a skin rash and itch which had not been cured by traditional Western medicine by April, of 2014. I was told by dermatologists that I had eczema and would have to live with it. In May, 2014, I received 3 acupuncture treatments and 3 weeks of oriental herbs and the “eczema” vanished and has not recurred. At that time, my wife had very severe wrist pains and the same acupuncturist, Jenny-Marie Greenough, LAc was able to eliminate the pain.
Another time, my wife had a problem with her neck and she could not lift her head. One needle resolved the issue.
Jenny-Marie recommended a prolotherapist in Nashville for treatment for knee and shoulder issues (it is 45 minutes to Nashville and 3.5 hours to Elizabethtown, KY from our home). I had a rotator cuff issue and a knee issue. Orthopedic doctors said I had arthritis and the knee was not quite ready to replace. That was in 2016. Four prolotherapy treatments on the knee over 3 months and 3 treatments on the shoulder over the same 3 months resolved both issues. I have full motion in the shoulder and knee and with no pain. I am 76 years old. My wife also had successful prolotherpy treatments on a shoulder issue. We have had two friends who have had prolotherapy treatment for serious pain issues and have had great results.
I would suggest talking with our acupuncturist – Jenny-Marie Greenough (Raja Wellness) 270-506-3853. and our prolotherapist, Dr. Mark Johnson (Prolotherapy Nashville) 615-506-0536.
Medicare and insurance will not cover acupuncture or prolotherapy. Total out of pocket cost for the shoulder and knee was around $1500. A knee replacement would have run into the tens of thousands of dollars.
I can’t even begin to touch on everything here! I LOVE This place! Same prices as my co-pay for my GP, but I’m in and out in an hour for ear acupuncture which is great for aches, pains, and random bugs! AND-I feel so much better immediately afterwards without the use of drugs or chemicals! That is a win, win for me!
I have MS and get full acupuncture treatments on a regular basis for that. I have seen nothing but relief and improvement while being treated here!
I have also been undergoing Reiki here at this location and also feel that this is have a great impact on my health!
Wonderful sessions that leave me feeling so much better!
I highly recommend all of their services!
I never tried acupuncture before going to Raja Wellness. I’m extremely glad I did. After only my eighth appointment at Raja Wellness, I began to notice something was different. My back pain was gone, I no longer needed my ankle brace, I have more energy, and my focus is greatly improved. The supplements recommended along with changes in diet are also making a difference in my overall well-being. If someone was “on the fence” about whether, or not to try Raja Wellness Acupuncture, I would tell them my only regret is not using their services sooner.
Raja Wellness treatments are nothing less than life changing. That’s a bold statement, but true nonetheless…I approached Raja’s Eastern approach to medicine and wellness with more than a healthy dose of skepticism. But, after 2 years of treatment (acupuncture, massage, reiki…) for a badly damaged knee, circulatory problems, chronic pain and arthritis, I now experience an enhanced quality of life that I attribute to Raja Wellness. I was told by my Orthopedist two years ago that I badly needed a complete knee replacement. As a last hope I visited Raja and since then have enjoyed a mobility and lack of pain in that knee that I haven’t had in decades. I cannot recommend this dedicated team of professionals strongly enough. They are amazing. So if you are experiencing pain, lack of mobility, circulatory problems, fatigue, anxiety/stress, do yourself a favor and shelve any doubts you may have and visit Raja Wellness!