Gem Elixirz Spray (Joy)

Aromas: Pink Grapefruit, Rose, Geranium, Jasmine, Lavender and natural spring water. This blend promotes joy and playfulness.


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Simply set your intention and spray on or around you. This will begin the manifestation process by attracting to you your intention. For best results perform this ritual 2 times a day, perhaps in the morning and at night before you go to sleep:

Sit in a quite, peaceful space. Take 3 deep breaths, inhaling fully and exhaling slowly and completely. Upon your third exhalation say in your mind, or out loud, your intention. Take a moment to visualize and feel as though your desire has been accomplished. Spray around you 3 times. After spraying take another deep breath and say to yourself, or out loud, “and so it is”. Repeat this ritual every day for 10 days and watch for miracles.

Rose - attracts pure love, brings joy to the heart and vibrates at a high frequency.
Geranium - helps to release negative memories and thereby allowing joy to fill one's spirit.
Jasmine - promotes feelings of love, support and joy.
Lavender - harmonizes and balances the emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.
Pink Grapefruit - an uplifting scent that induces happiness and relaxation.

Gemstones found in each bottle:
Aquamarine - A great stone to promote joy and playfulness, Aquamarine can help one to be in touch with their spiritual being. While it has been called “Water of the Sea”, because of its color, Aquamarine is most powerful as a meditation stone, as it brings a great peace and serenity. Some people can meditate on an Aquamarine to receive the wisdom to see truth.
Citrine - Called "the stone of the mind" by ancient cultures, this stone has been said to increase psychic power. It promotes joy and love.
Amethyst - A great stone for meditation and healing as it has the power to focus energy. Amethyst is a great harmonizing stone and purifies energies.
Rose Quartz - This is the Universal stone of love - unconditional love. It will radiate warmth, comfort, love and joy.

*Please note: any aromatherapy product may be inappropriate for people with fume reactions.

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