Gem Elixirz Spray (Energy)

Aromas: Grapefruit, Peppermint, Black Pepper, Rosemary, Helichrysum, Spearmint and natural spring water. This blend stimulates metabolism and promotes the absorption of vitamins and minerals.


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Simply set your intention and spray on or around you. This will begin the manifestation process by attracting to you your intention. For best results perform this ritual 2 times a day, perhaps in the morning and at night before you go to sleep:

Sit in a quite, peaceful space. Take 3 deep breaths, inhaling fully and exhaling slowly and completely. Upon your third exhalation say in your mind, or out loud, your intention. Take a moment to visualize and feel as though your desire has been accomplished. Spray around you 3 times. After spraying take another deep breath and say to yourself, or out loud, “and so it is”. Repeat this ritual every day for 10 days and watch for miracles.

Grapefruit - very refreshing and uplifting, this essential oil also boosts metabolism.
Peppermint - purifies and stimulates the mind and body as well as boosts digestion and metabolism.
Black pepper - great for fatigue, this essential oil is stimulating and energizing while it also enhances endurance and metabolism.
Rosemary - boosts alertness and helps ease mental fatigue. It is said that inhaling Rosemary boosts alertness and enhances mental abilities.
Helichrysum - considered to be uplifting to the subconscious mind and enhances the energy flow throughout the body.
Spearmint - a mild stimulant that is believed to increase metabolism and bring about a feeling of balance and harmony.

Gemstones found in each bottle:
Quartz - Considered the most powerful energy amplifier and healing stone, Quartz absorbs, stores, releases and unblocks energy. Quartz is very adaptogenic and provides the perfect and balanced amount of energy for each individual wearing it.
Carnelian - A high energy stone, it is full of Universal life force, boosts stamina and restores vitality. It stimulates metabolism and promotes the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Carnelian is a wonderful anti-aging stone that was considered the symbol of life in Ancient Egyptian and Greek cultures.
Amethyst - An extremely powerful and protective stone, Amethyst protects one's energy and enhances higher states of consciousness while also connecting the physical, mental and emotional bodies. This gemstone balances emotional highs and lows and is considered one of the most spiritual stones.
Citrine - Like the sun, this stone is warming, invigorating and energizes every level of life. Citrine, considered one of the most energizing gemstones, also promotes regeneration within the body.

*Please note: any aromatherapy product may be inappropriate for people with fume reactions.

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