Funky Farms Orange Dream CBD Tincture

Consider, if you will, the orange creamsicle – that famed, distinct combination of citrus and vanilla meeting in a nostalgic explosion of flavor. Now add the highest quality full spectrum CBD extract, and you’ve got our Orange Dream. It’s one of a kind!


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Orange Dream is a tasty tincture by Funky Farms that is made by blending the highest quality full spectrum CBD extract with natural terpenes.

It comes in a 30ml bottle equipped with a dropper for more accurate dosing.

This Funky Farms CBD Orange Dream tincture utilizes the highest quality full-spectrum CBD tincture. This means that it contains all the naturally occurring cannabinoids, including CBD, natural terpenes, flavonoids, and other plant compounds.

The additional cannabinoids and terpenes have their benefits and contribute to the entourage effect, making CBD’s benefits more significant.

Full-spectrum hemp extract is more effective than CBD isolate because of the entourage effect. This Orange Dream tincture can deliver all these benefits.

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1000mg, 500mg

Mind / Body / Healing
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