Evil Bone Water

Originally based on a 500 year recipe, with a few added extras including the finest Chinese herbs. Evil Bone Water has been handcrafted by the remarkable Master Herbalist and Doctor of Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture Dr Mark T Brinson from Saint Acupuncture and Apothecary in Georgia, US.

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Zheng Nao Camphor, Bo He Nao Menthol, Tien Qi Pseudoginseng, Ji Gu Xiang Japanese Knot Weed, Gui Pi Cinnamon Bark
Evil Bone Water is a very strong, Chinese medicinal topical commonly used for:
• Sports and accidental injuries
• Sprains
• Muscle cramps
• Insect bites
• Broken bones
• Bruises
• Mild topical anesthetic
• And more

This five-hundred year old formula has been modified and perfected to heal modern bone, muscle and skin injuries/conditions in record time.

Ingredients (100ml)
10 chinese medicinal herbs including
• Zhang Nao (Camphor)
• Bo He Nao (Menthol)
• Tien Qi (Pseudoginseng)
• Ji Gu Xiang (Japanese Knot Weed)
• Gui Pi (Cinnamon Bark)

(For use on the skin only, not to be taken orally)

• Apply with a cotton ball to affected area two times a day

*Please note: any aromatherapy product may be inappropriate for people with fume reactions.

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