SeneDerm Evening Moisturizers

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Rich moisturizer that allows skin the opportunity to repair, re-moisturize, and rejuvenate itself while you sleep.

  • Includes a concentration of precious oils, vitamins and botanicals that work while you sleep to re-moisturize and regenerate skin
  • Helps in repairing cells that were damaged during the day from exposure to weather, dirt, sun, smog, smoke, and other conditions that can harm the skin
  • Contains ingredients that are essential for slowing down the aging process and reducing wrinkle depth.

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Highly concentrated with additional SenePlex+® to help reduce signs of aging during the skin’s renewal cycle at night. This rich skin cream is a luxurious combination of skin-loving ingredients that hydrate, protect, and promote vibrant, healthy-looking skin.

Amino Acids – Help to maintain healthy-looking skin
Vitamin E – Essential antioxidant for maintaining healthy-looking skin
Ginger Root – Protects skin

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Dry, Normal to Dry, Normal to Oily