Bamboo Pearls

General Support: Bone Health, Chronic, Gu Syndrome, Musculoskeletal, Nervous System

Formula Family: Overall Warming, Warming and Moving with Cinnamon

Organ Systems: Lung, Bladder

Six Stages: Taiyin, Shaoyin


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Bamboo Pearls’ design is based on the 2nd century remedy Guizhi Shaoyao Zhimu Tang, which first appeared in Zhang Zhongjing’s classic for miscellaneous diseases, Jingui yaolüe (Essentials from the Golden Cabinet). It is still one of the best remedies to reduce inflammation, swelling, pain, numbness and degeneration in the joints, sinews, and connective tissues. From a traditional perspective, the combination of cinnamon, ginger, (medium dose) aconite and other warming herbs opens congested channels and collaterals, dries damp, and expels wind; peony, especially in combination with cinnamon and aconite, ameliorates sensations of pain, cramping, tingling and numbness; in combination with anemarrhena, the cooling herb peony can also eliminate localized heat congestion. From a modern perspective, the unusual combination of warming and cooling herbs is particularly suitable for joint pain that involves autoimmune components. The added herbs expand the traditionally more narrow range of usage to all kinds of chronic post-injury or post-exercise bone and joint pain, as well as back pain from a variety of causes.

Mind / Body / Healing
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