Raja Wellness is a full service East Asian Medicine clinic with acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Reiki and more. We also collaborate with local teachers to provide Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes to our community.

Our licensed acupuncturists are nationally certified and have over 3000 hours of training in East Asian Medical Theory, acupuncture, herbal medicine, basic biomedical anatomy and physiology and the biochemistry behind most potential drug-herb interactions.

Raja is a Sanskrit word taken from the practice of yoga called Raja Yoga. Raja Yoga is the level of practice where mind, body and spirit are aligned together. Our practice of East Asian Medicine addresses the whole person to bring balance to mind, body and spirit by working with each person’s own healing capacity.

Raja Wellness has the goal of helping every person who comes through our door reach a superior level of health where mind, body and spirit are aligned and as healthy as possible.

We welcome questions and offer a free 15-min consultation. We have special rates for veterans and active duty military. Call us at 270-506-3853 or email us at info@rajawellness.com for more information.

JennyMarie Bio

Raja Wellness was founded by Jenny-Marie Greenough, LAc, RYT. Jenny-Marie is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and spent the first part of her professional career as an officer in the Navy and then as a Program Manager for the Naval Sea Systems Command. After a life-altering injury and discovering the healing power of acupuncture first hand she reconnected with her life-long love of healing and returned to school to study the East Asian Medical Model so she could share the benefits of this practice with others.


Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego, CA
M.S. Traditional Oriental Medicine 2013
(Focus in Japanese-style acupuncture)
U.S. Naval Nuclear Power Training 1998
U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD
B.S. in Oceanography 1996
Minor in Spanish Language and Literature


Japanese-style Moxibustion 2013
Japanese Hara Massage 2011
Veterinary Homeopathy 2010

Licensed Acupuncturist, KY 2013
Diplomate in Oriental Medicine, NCCAOM 2013

Soliman Auricualr Allergy Treatment (SAAT) certified provider- Sept 2019


I love my time here! Wonderful staff who take time to talk and listen to you. I highly recommend acupuncture for pain management and over all wellness.
I’ve been treated in the past for shoulder pain and numbness which was alleviated painlessly in just two visits.
After a headache which lasted 3 days, I finally called today and Jenny fit me in to her schedule.
She’s an amazing care provider, a rarity in this busy “healthcare” industry.
My headache was gone in less than 30 minutes and I have no heartburn for the first time in weeks.
Thanks, Jenny!
I can’t begin to say enough about Raja Wellness. I have dealt with migraines and digestive issues for years. I have taken so much medication to each. since beginning treatment at Raja Wellness, I rarely have either anymore. when a migraine or digestive issues do creep in, they are within a treatment or two. I would highly recommend Raja Wellness. There just isn’t anything to lose by trying it except your pain.
In Sept 2013, I developed a skin rash and itch which had not been cured by traditional Western medicine by April, of 2014. I was told by dermatologists that I had eczema and would have to live with it. In May, 2014, I received 3 acupuncture treatments and 3 weeks of oriental herbs and the “eczema” vanished and has not recurred. At that time, my wife had very severe wrist pains and the same acupuncturist, Jenny-Marie Greenough, LAc was able to eliminate the pain.
Another time, my wife had a problem with her neck and she could not lift her head. One needle resolved the issue.
Jenny-Marie recommended a prolotherapist in Nashville for treatment for knee and shoulder issues (it is 45 minutes to Nashville and 3.5 hours to Elizabethtown, KY from our home). I had a rotator cuff issue and a knee issue. Orthopedic doctors said I had arthritis and the knee was not quite ready to replace. That was in 2016. Four prolotherapy treatments on the knee over 3 months and 3 treatments on the shoulder over the same 3 months resolved both issues. I have full motion in the shoulder and knee and with no pain. I am 76 years old. My wife also had successful prolotherpy treatments on a shoulder issue. We have had two friends who have had prolotherapy treatment for serious pain issues and have had great results.
I would suggest talking with our acupuncturist – Jenny-Marie Greenough (Raja Wellness) 270-506-3853. and our prolotherapist,Dr. Mark Johnson (Prolotherapy Nashville) 615-506-0536.
Medicare and insurance will not cover acupuncture or prolotherapy. Total out of pocket cost for the shoulder and knee was around $1500. A knee replacement would have run into the tens of thousands of dollars.
I can’t even begin to touch on everything here! I LOVE This place! Same prices as my co-pay for my GP, but I’m in and out in an hour for ear acupuncture which is great for aches, pains, and random bugs! AND-I feel so much better immediately afterwards without the use of drugs or chemicals! That is a win, win for me!
I have MS and get full acupuncture treatments on a regular basis for that. I have seen nothing but relief and improvement while being treated here!
I have also been undergoing reiki here at this location and also feel that this is have a great impact on my health!
Wonderful sessions that leave me feeling so much better!
I highly recommend all of their services!
I never tried acupuncture before going to Raja Wellness. I’m extremely glad I did. After only my eighth appointment at Raja Wellness, I began to notice something was different. My back pain was gone, I no longer needed my ankle brace, I have more energy, and my focus is greatly improved. The supplements recommended along with changes in diet are also making a difference in my overall well-being. If someone was “on the fence” about whether, or not to try Raja Wellness Acupuncture, I would tell them my only regret is not using their services sooner.
Raja Wellness treatments are nothing less than life changing. That’s a bold statement, but true nonetheless…I approached Raja’s Eastern approach to medicine and wellness with more than a healthy dose of skepticism. But, after 2 years of treatment (acupuncture, massage, reiki…) for a badly damaged knee, circulatory problems, chronic pain and arthritis, I now experience an enhanced quality of life that I attribute to Raja Wellness. I was told by my Orthopedist two years ago that I badly needed a complete knee replacement. As a last hope I visited Raja and since then have enjoyed a mobility and lack of pain in that knee that I haven’t had in decades. I cannot recommend this dedicated team of professionals strongly enough. They are amazing. So if you are experiencing pain, lack of mobility, circulatory problems, fatigue, anxiety/stress, do yourself a favor and shelve any doubts you may have and visit Raja Wellness!